3 nov

Hey Girlz,

last time I promised you guys to say how you could prepare for the winter in your wardrobe with your girlfriend (s).

However, here it is:

  • take 1 or 2 days from you guys calendar (easiest after each other).
  • First you can buy a fashion journal (bv. ELLE) it can give you inspiration.
  • Give you’re friend keep- and throw away- post-its, just like in Sex in the city. Now they can dissect your wardrobe and post a note or you can vote on everything. (You may not join!!)
  • As next step you can make together 1 large Mood-Board (= board with everything you like and that you later do inspire) with the magazine.
  • If you still have time you can now go shopping, but do otherwise the next day/time then you have more time. Think while shopping to your Mood Board, also keep in your mind to buy many accessories, that can make that one outfit quite different.
  • Once home hold a fashion show for your mom or the one friend who could not join you.
  • Fill your wardrobe with your new clothes. Put everything on color for a nice effect. You can hang your Mood-Board somewhere close to your closet.
  • Love the winter

Next time: goody-bags



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