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New phone

30 Okt


I’ve got great news!! I finnaly have a new phone after much beggin 😉
It’s a smartphone (I really wanted that) and I love it!

This week you gonna get some reactions from me at stuff like books, dvds, …

I also gonna show you some schoplogs etc.

Lots of love,




8 Okt

the weird pic of people is me.

I know I’m crazy… It’s me!

Things I want to do

8 Okt



some things

8 Okt


Here are some things I forgot:

  • on tv, I watch Awkward <3, Glee, Dance Moms (they are terible!!), movies
  • fav movies: Twilight, The hunger Games, Dear John …
  • I like kids!!! Especially baby’s…
  • I think Cody Simpson and Tom Daley are super cute.
  • I’m a gossip girl:)

That’s it I guess



it’s me

7 Okt

hey it’s me,

I’m not gonna say my name and my english is not so good (school don’t tell you the right things :p) but still…  I wanne make a blog about my life. Not that I’m verry special, have a lot of friends who does stupid or funny things but just my normal live.

First some things about me:

  • I live in Belgium, the chocolate country 🙂
  • I love One Direction!!
  • I’m romantic but i’ve never had a reall boyfriend. I think you really have to like a guy before you go making out with him.
  • Sites I like:  ; and offcours fb and twitter
  • at school: I’m in humanities and social sciences. Before I did Latin but I didn’t liked it. Now my points are great and they call me a nerd. Well a nerd I’m, most of the time I study for 5min. Know what I mean… #hateschoolandhomework
  • I start to play guitar this year and I rid horse for 6years.
  • When I’m 18, I want to be an ‘au pair’ for a year in London or Paris.
  • I wan’t to go study in foreign country but my mom will have problems with that and I don’t wanne do that to her
  • At least: I wanne live while I’m young

Big love,


Hallo wereld!

7 Okt

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