3 nov

Hey Girlz,

last time I promised you guys to say how you could prepare for the winter in your wardrobe with your girlfriend (s).

However, here it is:

  • take 1 or 2 days from you guys calendar (easiest after each other).
  • First you can buy a fashion journal (bv. ELLE) it can give you inspiration.
  • Give you’re friend keep- and throw away- post-its, just like in Sex in the city. Now they can dissect your wardrobe and post a note or you can vote on everything. (You may not join!!)
  • As next step you can make together 1 large Mood-Board (= board with everything you like and that you later do inspire) with the magazine.
  • If you still have time you can now go shopping, but do otherwise the next day/time then you have more time. Think while shopping to your Mood Board, also keep in your mind to buy many accessories, that can make that one outfit quite different.
  • Once home hold a fashion show for your mom or the one friend who could not join you.
  • Fill your wardrobe with your new clothes. Put everything on color for a nice effect. You can hang your Mood-Board somewhere close to your closet.
  • Love the winter

Next time: goody-bags



DIY: moustache bookmarks

2 nov


I really love the moustache-hype. An I like to read so when i saw this I tought that I shoold try it.

This is it:

DIY link:

Thing I also want to do:

this is so cute!! How to do:

This is so cool:

And last;

But I don’t find the tutorial of this.


At the restaurant

1 nov


today and yesterday I went to a restaurant and some things hit me:

  • Old people always talk about docters, clinics… Be positive!! Come on, like you only go to the hospital?! Talk about some thing differnt, like you’re kids or somthing…
  • Lots of people go alone to the restaurant and then they read a newspaper or a magazine. I lways be friendly to that kind of people they need it sometimes more than you think.
  • When teens go to a restaurant with there mom or dad they like always text and when the’re with friends they don’t do that. I would never do that, what are you gonna think if you’re mom is constantly texting during the dinner?! You woudn’t like that eather, do you?
  • Old people love to go dinning th there grandchildren. So go take you’re grandpa for dinner. He will be suprised!
  • Most couples look borred and jsut want to go home and act normal again. I understand that, at a restaurant there’re (un-writhen) rules about everything; noise, how you eat, …

That’s it, I guess.


New phone

30 okt


I’ve got great news!! I finnaly have a new phone after much beggin 😉
It’s a smartphone (I really wanted that) and I love it!

This week you gonna get some reactions from me at stuff like books, dvds, …

I also gonna show you some schoplogs etc.

Lots of love,



8 okt

the weird pic of people is me.

I know I’m crazy… It’s me!

Things I want to do

8 okt



some things

8 okt


Here are some things I forgot:

  • on tv, I watch Awkward <3, Glee, Dance Moms (they are terible!!), movies
  • fav movies: Twilight, The hunger Games, Dear John …
  • I like kids!!! Especially baby’s…
  • I think Cody Simpson and Tom Daley are super cute.
  • I’m a gossip girl:)

That’s it I guess